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do lund boats have plywood decks

do lund boats have plywood decks

composite decking on a pontoon boat stylishly replaces rotted ...

pontoon boat decks usually involve basic plywood installed over an aluminum frame. instead of replacing the plywood with more plywood boat owners should consider using quality fully-capped composite decking on a pontoon boat to create a beautiful long-lasting surface.

original lund boats parts and accessories online catalog

at great lakes skipper we stock the parts you need to keep your lund aluminum bass boats looking their best. shop our online catalog for lund boat covers lund boat decals boat seats ladders and many more oem lund boat parts. multiple generations of anglers have trusted lund boats to perform in the competitive fishing tournaments and they ...

pontoon boat decks - composites aluminum or wood? – pontoon ...

what are the differences between using composites aluminum or wood for your pontoon boat deck? read this and find out more pick the best one for your needs and lifestyle. composites: in recent years some manufactures have made more composite flooring options available.

do they make pontoon boats without wood decks?? - pontoon ...

plywood will last a very long time with care. keep floor free of leaf litter or anything that will hold moisture. i have had 10 year old boats with floors as solid as new. tracker was using only aluminum on regency models but now only offer wood i believe.

tracker quality construction

solid comfortable decks boat decks have to absorb heat vibrations and sound retain fasteners remain firm underfoot and last for the lifetime of the boat. we use ¾-inch 7-ply marine grade plywood covered by our limited lifetime structural and deck guarantee because it fulfills these requirements better than aluminum.

how to build a deck in a bass boat | it still runs

if you have your eye on a fancy new bass boat but can't afford much more than a simple older one don't fret. one of the most useful features of a bass boat-its high casting deck with all that storage space underneath- can be added to a cheaper simpler open boat. you could of course just cut a piece of plywood and tack it in.

ranger or tracker aluminum boat?? - bass boats canoes ...

okay older boats have wood in the transoms to renforce them as so they solid. most bass boats have decks made of plywood (marine grade). very generalized statement and il informed one as well. the use of marine grade plywood in decks saves on costs as well as well.

rebuilding lund fishing boat—questions…. - general discussion ...

treated will last but do you want to smell that nasty treated plywood for the next 10 years. also check to see if the chemicals in the treated plywood will react with the aluminum. imagine this 85degs fish are committing suicide and you need to take a break and have a few beers and take a dip. you climb back in the boat and what are you smelling??? that nasty treated plywood. every time ...

deck replacement - starboard marine

most boat decks are made of untreated plywood between two fiberglass skins. this is very strong and the untreated wood is protected to an extent but many manufacturers don't give the wood enough protection to last.

installing a casting deck on a 14' aluminum boat | ohio game ...

you don't want any water to get to plywood at all or it will d-laminate. when you attach the deck to the boat use nuts that have nylon built into them so they work as locking nuts. do not take out any of the seats. the seats in that boat have flotation built into them and your boat has federal upright and level flotation requirements.

replacing the wood in the floors of my boat - bass boats ...

peeled off all the old carpeting on my boat and realized most of the wood in the back half of my boat is pretty rotted. my question is is there a specific type of wood that i am supposed to use to make the floor of the boat. it looks like it was really thick plywood but that wouldnt seem right...

simple way to install a liftable floorboard or casting deck ...

boards in the boat which happens to be a lund ssv-18. they ask for drawings which i don’t have. and they request more photos but all the photos i have of the boat are already on the web page. so i decided to create a short explanation of how to install a simple liftable floorboard or bow casting deck board in a basic aluminum fishing boat.

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? | michigan ...

when i put the hole in for a screw i've just created a potential spot for rot in the marine plywood. will it take years likely but i am a fan of making sure it's done right the first time so i don't have to do it again. and if we ever get rid of the boat it's nice to be sure that you are passing on a problem to someone else.

alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck?

re: alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? i don't think composite decking is the right choice for this. not as user friendly to mount stuff to and i bet it would be way more expensive than marine plywood.

48 best lund fishing boats images | lund fishing boats ...

new model showroom captain's marine inc. 2015 lund 1650 rebel xl ss - rules are made to be broken. lund 1650 rebel xl - never before has a small fishing boat offered all the features and superior fishability of a large fishing boat.

marine plywood or exterior plywood? which is best for what?

don’t go to your dealer and just ask for “marine grade plywood” or if you do be prepared to answer a whole slew of questions. if your dealer doesn’t’ ask you these questions then buyer beware as you may be getting either a sheet of plywood that is overkill or will fall apart on you down the road.

replace flooring 16' lund rebel | boat design net

i am new at this and have a lot of questions. i tore out the old flooring and saved it to use as a template. the inside measurement of the floor width is 50". what lund did was rip the 4x8 pc. of plywood down to 46" and pieced in a 6" pc with the 46" sheet to makeup the 50". question 1) i can duplicate that and have only 2 seams.

lund’s new hdp composite transom - youtube

lund introduces its new high-density performance (hdp) composite transoms. hdp transoms are a rot proof alternative to marine plywood with the additional benefits of being stronger stiffer and ...

replacement for lund plywood seats - equipment-expert ...

fisher dave thanks for the input. my carpeting idea would've included using treated plywood rather than carpeting existing old wood. just one more thing i've boxed in the front two seats on a standard lund making it a carpeted deck with a storage hatch between the two seats and have really enjoyed the design for both fishing and scooting around the lake with family and/or dog.

vinyl floor - lund forum | in-depth outdoors

the original floor in the boat was screwed down by lund (1981) was 5/8″ un- sealed exterior grade plywood and had carpet glued and wrapped around the edges. the original floor had holes in it but had been in the boat for 35 years. i expect my replacement floor to out last me.

transom in aluminum boats | michigan sportsman - online ...

1. i do not have a boat or one in mind yet i want to upgrade from my 13ft folding dingy. definitely have to go used but my knowledge is lacking on their construction 2. so most boats are made with indoor grade plywood wow that is alarming. which makers use synthetic/composites for their transom? dm1962 did you go with this maker?

treated plywood deck and alum boats-don't do it!

re: treated plywood deck and alum boats-don't do it! marine ply 1088 and 6566 grade are not chemically treated and will not cause corrosion in an alu. hull. they are simply a high grade hardwood ply with no voids more laminations per sheet and a glue that is water rated.

lund transom construction in 2017 and beyond? - page 3 ...

i wouldn't give you 12 cents for any lumber considered marine grade. a marine grade rating is a joke! that marine grade crap will rot out just as quick as if you used "white" untreated lumber. as far as a boat floor are considered all they have to do is use "green treated" 3/4 plywood and the rot out problem is solved!

lund 1875 pro guide - lund boats - aluminum fishing boats ...

built with traditional lund quality the lund 1875 pro guide tiller aluminum fishing boat has it all. *“starting at” price reflects either map or nap price on a base boat with motor trailer package optional equipment not included.

lund floor replacement page: 1 - iboats boating forums | 589247

re: lund floor replacement i know several guys with lunds and they all love them even though many have had to do some serious work to them. lund isnt real concerned with protecting thier wood before installation (lol). $30000 dollar boat that im sure almost any buyer wouldnt mind chipping in a few more hundred for them to seal up the wood.

wood vs. no wood - boat talk - chaparral boats owners club

i think one of the big changes you are going to find from 1990 to 2004 is that the interiors of the boats are are now more fiberglass and not plywood galore which your old boat probably had. i think this helps they hold up much better. my first boat had a rotten floor as well and we never fixed it. but that's what first boats are for.

lund boats - about lund - lund difference

lund strategically injects closed-cell foam (formulated to handle marine conditions) into all our boats. coast guard mandates that all boats up to 20′ be able to maintain equal and level flotation; however lund elects to use this process on all lund boats — even those over 20 feet and not mandated by the coast guard.

lund boat flooring - walleye message central

i am on my sixth lund boat and recently got into an argument with my dad regarding the type of plywood lund uses for their floors and decks. (i know lund has a lifetime warranty to the original owner and i have never had any issues to date).my dad insists that lund has to use marine or pressure treated plywood.

marine plywood - knowing the basics - boat renovation people

marine plywood is often used to build boat interiors and to replace flooring during boat renovations. but why do we have to use plywood specifically made for the marine environment and are we wasting our money on expensive ‘marine’ plywood when outdoor grade ply may work just as well?

lund boats - aluminum fishing boats bass boats fiberglass ...

hdp transoms are a rot proof alternative to marine plywood with the additional benefits of being stronger stiffer and lighter. this all translates into increased boat performance under a range of conditions. hdp transoms are backed by lund’s lifetime warranty and available on a wide range of lund boats.

newby replacing aluminum boat's floor | boat design net

it's very easy to put a new floor in most aluminum boats so the down side of a low cost job not holding up long enough and needing to be done again isn't as critical as on a fiber glass boat. cheap exterior plywood and some kind of deck or porch paint for wood will hold up for several years and just use some sand as a non skid finish.

replacing wood floor in lund aluminum fishing boat | boat ...

i have serious rot in the plywood floor of my 17 ft. lund alum. fishing boat. it will need to be totally replaced and i plan to do it myself. is it correct that pressure-treated plywood should not be used if fiberglassing is planned to encapsulate the plywood? if this is true then is marine plywood what i need?

plywood decking: a good alternative? |

the plywood decking is installed on top of the decking joists in one or more large sheets instead of individual pieces. the article that follows will address the question of whether plywood decking is a good alternative to the traditional materials used to build a deck.

decks and their coverings for wooden boats.

wooden boat decks. the decks of wooden boats do much more than provide a platform for the crew. they are an integral part of the structure and the type of covering used will affect how the loading is transferred through the beams. the covering also needs to be watertight to prevent rain water seepage which cold cause underlying structures to rot.

boats yachts: preventing rot in encaplulated wood structures

he asked what you can do to protect wood components of a boat from rotting. his request couldn't have come at a better time. a few hours before seeing his post i had just gotten off a ten year old sea ray 390 express that had rotten structurals everywhere including the hull stringers that were completely wasted.

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