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best way to refinish boat teak

best way to refinish boat teak

diy: refinishing wood on a boat - sail magazine

diy: refinishing wood on a boat. ... dry scraping is best left to professionals as the potential for damage is extremely high. ... the discoloration you see is actually mold and mildew that feeds on teak oil. the only way to remove it is with a chemical teak cleaner that will kill the mold and mildew and the wood’s natural color.

how to finish teak - power & motoryacht

no wood is more beautiful than well-maintained teak whether it’s wearing many coats of expertly brushed varnish or a carefully applied surface of teak oil. even bare teak looks nice if you clean it every day to keep it snowy white. but no matter how you treat your teak it demands your attention or its appearance will soon go downhill.

refinishing wood - teak or varnish page: 1 - iboats ...

re: refinishing wood - teak or varnish i have found the absolute best and longest lasting product is made by sikkens. the name of the product is cetol marine finish. it is put on like a varnish. 3 coats is suggested.this stuff is awesome.

q & a: how to maintain great teak on your boat - jarrett ...

i own an ocean yacht sportfish and would like to refinish my teak deck. the condition of the boards are fairly rough but nothing some sanding can’t fix. i’ve done some research on the internet about after treatment on teak and have seen a lot of different opinions on what to do.

how to varnish wood on boats

varnishing basics. the following tips on how to varnish wood apply to both boats and other wooden items. the art of varnishing wood goes a long way back in history and although there have been many modern attempts to make it easier to create the ultimate in bright-work (and to reduce the amount of time that is required) these basic concepts can be applied to all of your paint and varnish ...

boat varnish: wood interiors need tlc too - boatus magazine

refinishing your boat's interior bulkheads isn't a difficult job and like most maintenance jobs the professionals who make their living detailing boats know a few tricks for achieving a quality finish. teak is the wood of choice for interior bulkheads and originally it likely had either a saturating oil or varnish finish.

refinish your brightwork | sailingmates

refinish your brightwork. 4 easy steps to refinishing your brightwork how to remove strip prepare and refinish ... it’s best to remove the timber from the boat before you start any work on it. timber coamings will probably be the exception but in all other cases you really should try and remove the fittings. ... teak can be cleaned and ...

how to clean and seal teak wood on your boat

the the best value choose from our teak restorations kits that include the teak cleaner teak brightener and teak sealer for the best savings! link to this post! this entry was posted in boat maintenance boat repairs teak and tagged how to apply justteak how to teak justteak application ...

all about varnishing your boat - sail magazine

no sailor needs to varnish the wood on his or her boat particularly if it is teak. there are no safety implications no performance benefits nor even a unique benefit to the wood itself. we varnish because we like the way it looks the way it makes our boats look and perhaps even the way it makes us look.

top tips for teak -

once you've oiled your teak (according to the instructions of course) keep an eye on it. the early warning signs for teak that needs more oil are tiny whitish specks usually in the valleys of the grain. these are teak's way of saying "feed me".

how to teak on your boat |

how to teak on your boat by ... pollutants can quickly stain a teak boat transforming the beautiful golden brown into a mottling of dingy black brown and grey. teak boats back to their original condition removing dark stains from pollution by following these simple steps. ...

how to sand teak pt. 1 - first mate yacht care - youtube

here is a quick introduction to refinishing teak. ... how to sand teak pt. 1 - first mate yacht care first mate yacht care. ... #howto refinish a teak deck for your #boat - duration: ...

sanding teak- the basics - inthebite

sanding teak the basics by piet van alder(from the archives) i often hear people referring to teak decks and coveringboards as a maintenance nightmare and i couldn’t disagree more. it seems to me that they are either lazy don’t know how to maintain it or they don’t have any! on a sportfisher teak is not […]

what to do with tired interior teak?commuter cruiser ...

inevitably over the past almost 30 years our solid teak staved interior is showing wear spots from normal daily use. what to do? i don't want it to get worse but i can't envision redoing all that teak staving including 204 louvres in doors ... you get the picture... here's what i decided to try first.

refinish your interior teak to better than new – the ...

if you chose teak oil it is slow to harden and it can take a couple of weeks for the fumes to go away. after you refinish your interior teak it might make the exterior woodwork look worse. to read about my different process for refinishing topside brightwork see your exterior teak to better than new.

10 best teak cleaners reviewed and rated in 2020 - marinetalk

how does the best teak cleaner hugely contribute to enhance and sustain the aesthetics and protection of your teak wood for your most cherished vessel? ... this is what actually makes investing in the best teak cleaner a must-consider for boat owners. in addition to this there are a plenty of publicized remedies for this. ... any other way ...

best way to refinish teak ? | sailboat owners forums

best way to refinish teak ? thread starter c22bc; start date mar 18 ... especially when you go through the effort of removing all the teak from the boat to varnish and then re-bed. ... the point i would make to c22bc would be to spend the time wasted on refinishing your existing teak on replacing it piece by piece with plastic and stainless ...

teak cleaning and refinishing faq - ...

teak cleaning and refinishing faq - ... the right way to clean teak... to clean teak all you really need is a bottle of "teak cleaner". ... we generally discourage the use of two-part cleaners because of the damage they can do to your teak your boat and the environment. treating and protecting teak.

refinishing teak handrails • ragged sails

the handrails on my boat have taken a beating over the years from the sun. what was once a rich shiny brown is now a dull faded gray. i had been thinking about sanding the teak handrails down for some time but the thought of the work involved made me delay it far too long.

how to strip the finish on your boat - power & motoryacht

“do this off the boat or in a bucket” advises keitmeier “or the metal filings will leave marks—rust spots on gelcoat or black stains in teak decks.” take pains to keep the cutting edge straight; there’s a tendency to over-sharpen the blade in the middle and make it concave.

#howto refinish a teak deck for your #boat - youtube

an overview and step by step of how to refinish / re-seam the teak decks on your boat! a list of materials used will be included in the writeup on my website :-)

properly restoring teak boats - web only article

for best results however you should never let your teak trim get to the point that such drastic measures are called for: and once you get it back to “like new” condition you should be prepared to put in the time and effort required to keep it in that condition. cleaning teak on boats

best finish for teak? - moderated discussion areas

what is the best finish for the teak on my outrage? i have already removed all the wood. ... whats the best way to tell the wood apart particularly if it has aged a while. ... based on that picture i'm thinking that on my next boat instead of refinishing the wood i will just add a keg! bigshot: posted 01-24-2003 11:16 am et (us)

from the archives: cleaning interior teak - cruising world

the teak inside my 1985 passport 37 is staved teak—the real thing. it was originally finished in satin varnish and i cannot even think about how much it would cost (or how much work and time it would take) to refinish. therefore i have a big vested interest in keeping it pristine.

diy how to refurbish weathered teak swim platform ...

place a large trash can upside down on the drive way to make a fast table and keep the mess at bay 2. you will want latex gloves hose large plastic stiff bristle brush west marine teak cleaner and brightener combined bottle $20 (goes a long way could do this twice with one ... the refinish didn't hold up long. after a few weeks in the sun ...

how to the gelcoat on a boat: 14 steps (with pictures)

how to the gelcoat on a boat. over time and with use the gelcoat on your boat can become dull making your boat look old. restoring your gelcoat can help the shine of your boat and protect its surface. begin by making sure...

teak trimming tips -

teak has been a favorite material among boatbuilders for generations. teak is a tropical hardwood that has a legendary resistance to water and teak’s durability is why it is still used today to build everything from hulls to decks to decorative trim aboard boats of all kinds.

how do i refinish teak and holly laminate?

dear boat doctor i have a 1989 34-foot pacific seacraft. part of the teak-and-holly sole needs refinishing. what is the best way to do go about this? richard berg md grosse pointe farms michigan. dear richard most modern boats use a veneered teak-and-holly plywood.

boat renovation: choosing teak cleaner and finish | the ...

step one in our boat interior renovation was to clean and refinish all the interior teak. there were several problems that needed to be addressed: it was very dark there were light places where previous owners had pictures there were screw holes and there was what can only be called a gunky buildup where hands had rubbed daily.

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