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rigid foam insulation attic ceiling

rigid foam insulation attic ceiling

the best way to insulate your attic - ted's energy tips

you can use rigid foam board under the rafters with conventional insulation above it (between the rafters) to turn the attic into a “conditioned space”. you would then close off the fans and also insulate the gable ends and remove the attic floor insulation.

foamular® 250 - owens corning insulation

owens corning foamular 250 extruded polystyrene (xps) rigid foam insulation is a closed cell moisture-resistant rigid foam board well suited to meet the needs for a wide variety of residential and commercial construction applications.

the #1 question to ask before putting spray foam in your attic

earlier this year i got a question about a home that had spray foam insulation in the attic. nothing unusual about that. a lot of builders and homeowners are going with spray foam insulation because of the airtightness benefits. but then the questioner mentioned that the spray foam contractor had intentionally left big holes to the outside by not sealing the gable vents.

what you need to know about foam board insulation

foam board insulation is easy to use and is a great diy way to add some insulation. it comes in standard-size 4x8 sheets and smaller sizes in many different thicknesses from 1/4 inch to 2 inches. some types of thicker foam board insulation are available but they may need to be special ordered.

proper insulation - this old house

while spray foam is expensive its installation costs are offset in the long run by lower heating and cooling costs. insulating cathedral ceilings. when tom insulates a cathedral ceiling or a finished attic he also turns to foam.

rigid foam vs cellulose insulation in the attic - home ...

yes rigid foam can be stacked as thick or deep as you want but it's very costly compared to cellulose. the proper setup is to always install rigid foam on top of cellulose. in picture #1 you'd want the rigid foam 1-inch away from the roof deck for roof ventilation. then you'd fill between the ceiling & rigid foam with cellulose.

4 pitfalls of spray foam insulation - energy vanguard

spray foam insulation is a great product. homes insulated with it can be some of the most efficient and comfortable homes built. i've been in plenty of these homes and can tell you that when spray foam is installed properly they outperform 99% of fiberglass batt-insulated stick-built homes.

using foam board insulation to help install a floor ...

foam board insulation is used on attics and walls yet it can also be used to insulate your floors. most people do not think about insulating their floors unless perhaps it's their attic floor. but insulating your floors is a good idea for many reasons including energy efficiency and height adjustments.

residential installation instructions attics and cathedral ...

polyiso provides one of the highest r-values per inch of any rigid insulation (r-6 at 1 inch). when applied to the ... residential installation instructions . attics and cathedral/vaulted ceilings materials checklist ... fasten foam insulation boards to the interior of the rafters using screws or nails with 1-inch minimum washers or caps.

r-tech insulation in an attic or ceiling application - youtube

no matter war kind of insulation you currently have in your attic one quick way to determine if you need more is to look across the span of your attic. if your insulation is just level with or ...

attic roof insulation - dr. energy saver corporate des site

rigid foam insulation: rigid foam like the silverglo® insulation from dr. energy saver comes in panels or sheets of different thicknesses. when used as attic roof insulation rigid foam can be installed between attic rafters directly beneath attic rafters or in both locations.

how to attach rigid insulation to ceilings | home guides ...

about the only time you are likely to add rigid insulation to a ceiling is in a retrofit of a cathedral ceiling. regular ceilings are likely to be under attics with either batt insulation between ...

how to attach rigid insulation on the underside of the ...

1. measure the length and width between two rafters in your attic and transfer the measurements to a 4-ft-by-8-ft of rigid foam insulation board.

problem of rigid foam on attic floor - greenbuildingadvisor

as long as there is a drywall ceiling or a plaster ceiling below the rigid foam and a vented attic above the foam there is no need for an ignition barrier or a thermal barrier in the attic. (the drywall ceiling is the thermal barrier.) for more on the cut-and-cobble approach see "cut-and-cobble insulation."

read this before you insulate your attic - this old house

always cover the tops of the ceiling joists to make sure the insulation is deep enough to reach your target r-value and to prevent thermal bridging the heat loss that occurs through the wood framing. ... attic hatch or door: affix rigid foam insulation to the attic side of the hatch or door. add weatherstripping around the perimeter and a ...

rigid foam insulation for attic floor - fine homebuilding

i saw an episode of this old house recently where tom silva was insulating an attic floor. first the bays between the joists were filled with fiberglass insulation. then 2" rigid foam insulation was placed on top of the floor joists followed by plywood flooring. it seems to me that the rigid foam should have more bearing surface than the 1.5" afforded by the floor joists.

insulating the underside of roofs - making the case for ...

the quest for greater energy efficiency in buildings has led to increasing interest and need for insulation improvements in hvac equipment more airtight construction new materials and assemblies. senior engineer manager at icynene john broniek makes the case for the unvented attic assembly and why insulating the underside of the roof makes sense.

insulating a ceiling with rigid foam | old house web

i have an exposed 2x6 tongue-and-groove ceiling with 4x12 rafters. this is a seasonal room that i’m going to heat on different occasions. i’m going to remove the shingles and i thought i would apply 2 inches of rigid foam on the outside with ½-inch osb sheathing on top then 30 lb. felt and shingles.

fiberglass vs. rigid foam insulation - the spruce

fiberglass insulation is less than half the price of rigid foam insulation when calculated by r-value per square foot. for example insulating a 10-square-foot wall area to r-15 costs about $3.40 to $4.00 with fiberglass insulation while a comparable r-value for rigid foam costs roughly $10.

two ways to insulate attic kneewalls - fine homebuilding

this method of insulation won’t work if the triangular attic includes ducts or plumbing pipes. an insulated kneewall is effectively an exterior wall so you’ll need a layer of rigid foam drywall osb or thermoply on the back side of the kneewall to prevent cold air from degrading the performance of the insulation.

installing foam insulation board in an attic ...

installing foam insulation boards in the attic is no that hard and can save you money compared with professional installation. foam board insulation in the attic can cut down on energy costs and simultaneously promote a more environmentally-sound way of daily living.

attic - foam board insulation - insulation - the

get free 2-day shipping on qualified attic foam board insulation products or buy building materials department products today with buy online pick up in ... ceiling (3) crawlspace (6) exterior sheathing (7) exterior wall foundation (2 ... 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. r-3.2 polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation board model# 754404 $ 13 82 $ 13 82.

ceiling and attic insulation and ventilation

ceiling and attic insulation and ventilation developed with funding from the u.s. department of energy and u.s. environmental protection agency ... the rigid foam insulation must be covered with a fire-rated material when used on the interior of the building. half-inch drywall usually complies but check with

why don't people use rigid or spray foam insulation in ...

i'm looking to upgrade the insulation in my attic bumping it from an r-6 to r-30 or better and while looking into things i realized i've never seen anyone use rigid or spray foam insulation in an attic. is there a particular caveat to these or is it just that most people prefer fiberglass batts?

insulating cathedral ceiling with foam board - home ...

in the 2nd area i would be using it on the attic floor with the rigid foam against the drywall ceiling and filling the rest with batt insulation then plywood for storage. i would leave the attic as unconditioned space but hopefully increase the r value and reflect radiant heat gains in the summer. ... the second floor ceiling insulation is r-19 ...

superattic - an innovative rigid foam board for attic ...

the superattic™ system utilizes proprietary silverglo™ rigid foam insulation panels to fully seal and insulate the attic directly beneath the roof rafters and directly inside the gable ends. the superattic™ system creates a continuous air and insulation barrier directly beneath the attic roof with no thermal bridging to compromise energy ...

insulation installation guide: foamular® xps insulation ...

converting an attic into a living space can be a cost-effective way to increase the size of your home. making that space useful requires quality insulation. owens corning foamular® xps insulation ...

rigid foam insulation 101: (important installation tips)

how it works: rigid foam insulation. not only does it provide high r-values but foam board insulation is also easy to install lightweight and can be used in any room of your home. in other words rigid foam can be applied on walls foundations and roofs and works great for both retrofits and new constructions.

best insulation for ceiling | sloped vs. flat ceilings

install 4 inches of spray foam on the underside of the roof sheathing and fill the rest of the cavity with fiberglass batts. install rigid foam above the roof sheathing and fiberglass batts between the rafters. best insulation for flat ceilings. if your home or business has a flat ceiling with no attic space it’s critical to air seal any ...

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